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Training Course on Urban Geological Research and the Using of Underground Space for Smart City


Urban Geology, as the foundation of the city, is the key to understand how to implement the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 in the urban region, and is strongly related to hazards reduction. adaptation of climate change and other issues we are facing today. For a more safe and resilient city, we may need to develop the new technology and standard on urban geology for the new city, especially on some typical underground space.

National Council of Geologist of Italy (CNG) together with Nanjing Center of China Geological Survey, with the support from European Federation of Geologist (EFG), Young Earth Scientists (YES) Network,  together with  Chinese Committee of YES Network will launch 3 days International seminars on Urban Geology during the International Conference on Exploration and Utilization of Underground Space (EUUS2019)  in Wuhan, China.

After the training course, all participants will receive the official training certification from  National Council of Geologist of Italy (CNG) and other related organizations, it can be used as the required document to apply the Professional Geologist title.

Theme: Urban Geology: the Foundation of Smart City

Venue: Wuhan, China

Important Date:  

10 July, 2019 – 10 September, 2019 , Call for the registration

13 – 14 November, 2019, Seminar Courses

15 November, 2019, Seminar Courses, and Second Meeting for Chinese Professional Geologist Committee

General Program

1st day Seminar
(13 nov)
2nd day Seminar
(14 nov)
(15 nov)
(16-17-18 Nov)
Field Trip
8.30-12.30 (starts 9.00)
Morning session
Morning session Morning session EUUS  Morning sessions +
12.30-13-30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13.30-17.30 Afternoon session Afternoon session Afternoon session EUUS   Afternoon sessions
18.30-20.30 Welcome Dinner Social Dinner Farewell dinner EUUS Reception

Training Course fee:
Early-bird Registration: CNY 5800 (Before Sep. 10)
Regular Registration: CNY 6800 (After Sep. 10)
Student Registration: CNY 4000 (Before Sep. 10) / CNY 5000 (After Sep. 10)
Registration for application of Professional Geologist:CNY 14000

***This is fee for whom want to apply for the title of Professional Geologist. About more information the title of European Professional Geologist, you can check

Contact person
Weiya GE
Nanjing Center, China Geological Survey

Young Earth Scientists (YES) Network



欧洲职业地质师(EurGeol):又称欧洲地质师、欧洲注册地质师等,是由欧洲地质学家联合会(EFG)设立的专业职称,该职称代表持有者可在地质学实践中提供高质量服务的能力,是在欧洲从事地质相关领域工作的通行证,同时也可以在美国、加拿大、澳大利亚等国开展工作,矿产资源领域的欧洲职业地质师并可以签署证券交易所认可的矿产储量评估、工程、环境等专业地质评估报告。该职称是成为合资格人(Competent Person)的核心和基础。



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